[Systems] Lightwave is now running Ubuntu 18.04

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Jun 1 09:26:53 EDT 2018

All I had to do is run do-release-upgrade and merge a few config files
with local edits.

After the upgrade, the network wasn't coming up, so I logged in from the
console and figured out that the pre-systemd legacy network
configuration was disabled because  had unsinstalled the required
support. The quick fix was:

  apt install ifupdown

Anyone more familiar than me with systemd-networkd is welcome to migrate
lightwave to the new config, but please verify that the tun6to4
interface still works: we host several domains with IPv6 nameservers,
like the big guys :-)

 _ // Bernie Innocenti
 \X/  https://codewiz.org/

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