[Systems] Euan Ong - Music Blocks Planet Server

Euan Ong euan.l.y.ong at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 19:49:34 EST 2018

Dear all,

During GCI '17, I completed the implementation of a new server and client
for the Music Blocks Planet (
https://github.com/eohomegrownapps/planet-server and
<https://github.com/eohomegrownapps/musicblocks/tree/new-planet>*). To be
able to deploy the new Planet client in the next Music Blocks release, Walter
Bender referred me to you to  "[get] the server running in a vm on a
sugarlabs server (musicblocks.sugarlabs.org)". Might you be able to set up
such a VM?

The server runs on a LAMP stack, so would need PHP/MySQL installed - in
addition, as one of the implemented features allows users to convert
LilyPond music notation files to PDF, I will need to configure a chroot
jail with lilypond and its dependencies installed to enable this.

Snippets from the relevant IRC logs are below:

2nd February 2018
00:23:04 <walterbender> eohomegrownapps, pong
00:23:31 <walterbender> eohomegrownapps, we have a new sysadmin, so maybe
we can get moving a bit sooner.
00:23:59 <walterbender> maybe you can resend your request to the admin list?
00:24:07 <eohomegrownapps> nice
00:24:16 <eohomegrownapps> you mean the server request I sent to scg?
00:24:24 <walterbender> systems at lists.sugarlabs.org
00:24:28 <walterbender> yes...
00:25:26 <eohomegrownapps> ok, I'll do that now
00:25:39 <walterbender> CC me :)

Please do ask if you have any questions about the implementation or the
server requirements.

Euan Ong
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