[Systems] Spam spike for list owners (sample header attached)

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Mon Sep 4 09:26:03 EDT 2017

I'm not aware of how sunjammer treats mail. Bernie, did you set this up

Maintaining mailservers is often time consuming and frustrating because
of spam.

I don't even fully understand what James said (does gmail consider this
spam as originating from SL?).

Perhaps we should disable mail processing altogether if no sysadmin can
manage it.

While I am in infrastructure team, mail is just too time consuming to
configure for me.

If there's no other volunteer I can look into scaling our mail services
down to just mailing lists.



On 03/09/17 17:14, James Cameron wrote:
> This will do significant reputational damage to Sugar Labs mail
> domain, identifying the mailman instance as an open relay, making the
> upcoming election harder to run.
> About a thousand messages so far.  I'm intercepting with procmail.
> Each has UTF 6616c.com in subject, with remainder of subject and body
> text in Chinese.  6616c.com is an alias for 006cc.com, which looks to
> be gambling focused.

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