Bastien Guerry bastienguerry at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 07:12:51 EDT 2017

Hi Samson,

nice to meet you !

OLPC France cannot really afford to organize anything in Africa,
but reaching out french speaking teachers anywhere is a priority.

If our challenge get funded, it will be open to teachers here in
France because we try to build local communities first.  Then of
course the resources will be CC-by-sa, available for anyone in
the world.

If this "local" challenge is successful, we may consider having
an international one, with contributions in french from various
countries, including ones in Africa.

Anyway, Sugarizer is free software, so anyone can do this in its
country :)  We will always be here to assist in giving advice on
what works and what does not.

Happy sugarizing everyone,


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