[Systems] Fwd: 2017 Debugging member's List

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Mar 21 15:19:19 EDT 2017


A vm was made for election and membership committee and I setup
LimeSurvey on it.

This is how a survey was ran in 2015 for this same purpose, but the
members list was never updated to reflect the 2015 survey results, or
the election population due to concerns that some people might have
missed the email.


I have gone ahead and given you (users ignacio and kaametza) access to
IP address I took your public ssh key from sunjammer.
Samson if you need access, provide a ssh key. 

This vm is hosted in freedom.sugarlabs.org and systems@ members have
root access with general procedure from virsh console.

Ignacio, to deploy a Flask app to production I'd follow this:

To host it as verify.sugarlabs.org, a new DNS record is needed. I don't
remember ever having signed the DNSSEC records or having had the key.
Hopefully Samuel or Bernie could help with that?

Nice work ;-)


On 21/03/17 13:40, Ignacio Rodríguez wrote:
> Then we would probably need a docker/small virtual machine, or
> something like that?
> @systems may help

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