[Systems] Wiki Account

Devin Ulibarri devin at ulibarri.website
Tue Aug 15 23:03:00 EDT 2017


I never received the emails.

At any rate, I found my password and have logged in successfully--thank you!


James Cameron:
> I've tested that the Wiki does send password reset mail:
>> From: Sugar Labs <webmaster at sugarlabs.org>
>> To: Quozl <quozl at laptop.org>
>> Subject: Account details on Sugar Labs
> Also, if the wrong mail address is typed in, the mail is still sent to
> the mail address of the Wiki account, not the address typed in.
> So if you originally registered under a different e-mail address, it
> could be sent there.
> If your mail hosting provider allows whitelisting, then add
> webmaster at sugarlabs.org to the whitelist.

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