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Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Tue Mar 1 20:18:05 EST 2016


On 03/01/2016 03:35 PM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> I think bernie asked me and I said I thought only Walter's blog was on
> sunjammer.
> However I just went in and checked, it looks like OLE Nepal servers have
> 3 instances of Wordpress.
> I'm not aware of our dealings with OLE or who is the contact that
> supports them.

Good question, we should have these things written down clearly, not
just in my head.

We've been hosting OLE Nepal for several years on a friendly basis,
since they are an OLPC/Sugar deployment. In the past, we've also hosted
parts of ole.org, the central OLE umbrella organization, and Chris Rowe
was the contact. When the scope of their sites grew too big for
sunjammer, I asked them to migrate to a dedicated machine.

For anything related to *.olenepal.org, I think Bishnu and Basanta are
the ones in charge (anybody else I missed?). Let's add a wiki page with
sysadmin contacts. Please use this template:


If the OLE Nepal sysadmins would rather have a fully independent Ubuntu
instance, we could set one up for them and give them root. The upside is
more flexibility. The downside is that monitoring, OS updates and
backups take much more sysadmin work for a full system, and it would be
up to them to do everything. We're already hosting Paraguay Educa on the
same terms (Roberto Alcala is the contact).

A Docker container may be an option too, but I feel that it might not
give them as much flexibility and isolation from the host. Am I wrong?

> Regards,
> Sebastian
> $ locate wp-activate.php
> /home/anish/blog/wordpress/wp-activate.php
> /home/basanta/wordpress/wp-activate.php
> /srv/home/anish/blog/wordpress/wp-activate.php
> /srv/home/basanta/wordpress/wp-activate.php
> /srv/www-olenepal/blog/wp-activate.php
> /srv/www-olenepal/www/wp-activate.php
> /srv/www-olenepal/www/developer/wp-activate.php
> /srv/www-somosazucar/oldblog/wp-activate.php
> /srv/www-sugarlabs/vueltaciclista/wp-activate.php
> /srv/www-sugarlabs/vueltaciclista/.svn/prop-base/wp-activate.php.svn-base
> /srv/www-sugarlabs/vueltaciclista/.svn/text-base/wp-activate.php.svn-base
> /srv/www-walterbender/main/wp-activate.php
> /srv/www-walterbender/main/.svn/prop-base/wp-activate.php.svn-base
> /srv/www-walterbender/main/.svn/text-base/wp-activate.php.svn-base
> On 01/03/16 17:50, Samuel Cantero wrote:
>> Who is in charge of upgrading the others WP sites?
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