[Systems] Disk space on freedom

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sun Jul 17 02:47:14 EDT 2016

Hi guys,

Yes I documented this vm here: https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Machine/beacon

I also wrote to systems@ about it in an email entitled "created a new vm
for dev/experimentation" from 28/10/2015.

Lately we collaborating in developing and deploying
http://arbio.somosazucar.org/ which was our team's entry to the Hackatón
por la Amazonía. We got a /honorary mention/.

Also we have set up a sandstorm instance for testing and an Odoo
derivative FairMarket.

I'll add some of this info to the wiki page as well as documenting
/replicator /and /vote./



El 16/07/16 a las 16:00, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
>> I also wonder who is in charge of
>> > 
>> > freedom:~#virsh list --all
>> > Id    Name                           State
>> > ----------------------------------------------------
>> > ...
>> > 8     beacon                         running
>> > ...
> I'm not sure either. Looks like parts of somosazucar.org? Icarito, do
> you use this VM?

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