[Systems] Maintenance downtime today for OS upgrades

Aleksey Lim me at alsroot.su
Fri Jul 15 11:19:45 EDT 2016

July 15 2016 4:17 PM, "Dave Crossland" <dave at lab6.com> wrote:
>> and SN condition is far from ASLO-like production usage.
> What do you see as the requirements to replace ASLO?

As I posted above, I don't see SN as a replacement of ASLO.

SN itself (icarito was talking about is SN front-end, SN Hub app)
was a research project and never got into "production" state.

SN Hub is a squared research project created with one idea in mind,
to demonstrate SN features. It was pretty rough try to create JS UI
application without preserving ASLO usage workflows.

Personally, I'm not planning to return to SN coding.


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