[Systems] Maintenance downtime today for OS upgrades

Aleksey Lim me at alsroot.su
Mon Jul 11 05:42:19 EDT 2016

July 10 2016 8:45 PM, "Bernie Innocenti" <bernie at codewiz.org> wrote:
> On 10/07/16 12:57, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
>> On 09/07/16 19:15, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
>>> Most notably, activities.sugarlabs.org is still down. It probably
>>> doesn't like PHP 7... The wiki is also very slow because I had to
>>> disable APC until I understand how to make Mediawiki use the new APCu.
>> I'm still working to restore ASLO. It's an old codebase that was still
>> using PHP features that were deprecated in PHP 5.5 and removed in PHP 7...
> I finally got ASLO to display its front page, but activities are not
> being listed. I had to switch the DB backend to mysqli because the mysql
> extension has been removed in PHP7.
> Aleksey, since you're familiar with ASLO's codebase, would you be able
> to look into the outstanding issues?

I cannot login to sunjammer with my DSA key, I guess due to new default SSH policies.
Put my RSA key there,

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDD0D6/apyZlqGb6y0Vov6QgkdxVtQSxGkYKPDvqO/25rnsXaHQIqLoV9WgLgbEumlwHXVABTPdCc+w2kem9ew19njxQ9KJ0nJ8gCKwY44EdTacRRFFdc7JnDNtaL8b82bImuwfAD5nRKb0GF3wJvSgzDtYKGSHVtSEDVIIaQKgN24Uo20bnb6Cd3ShbZQvIaayGZzqsHvvaWk5C1ipK0l5Q9yEF9QoY6tU+ie8ufOujw1KO/oijRu1PtL/AX/156d+Y77+//T+qRXcya6tTcpzK66RkkP/WK75h9yg34GuoLRoUspY3yrbOolizWNpOgAA4YmW5VSVMJz4FejN/ZtH alsroot at antilopa-gnu


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