[Systems] Freedom disk/partition layout

Samuel Cantero scanterog at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 01:07:01 EDT 2016

Hey guys,

I was checking freedom disk/partition layout. I've found:

1) We have 4 disks. 2 disks are being used by Sugar and 2 by OLE.
2) The disks sdc and sdd used by Sugar are partitioned in the following way:
   a) three 10 GB partitions (partitions 1-3).
   b) one 1970 GB partition (partition 4).
3) We have five RAID1 arrays:
   a) /dev/md0: sdc1 + sdd1. Currently used by /.
   b) /dev/md1: sdc2 + sdd2. Not used.
   c) /dev/md2: sdc3 + sdd3. Not used.
   d) /dev/md3: sdc4 + sdd4. Physical Volume for the VG freedom-lvm.
   e) /dev/md4: sda1 + sdb1. Physical Volume for the VG ole.

4) In freedom-lvm where we have the following Logical Volumes (LVs):
   a) backup => 1 TB.
   b) docker_extra_storage => 15 GB. Not enough. It is using btrfs and the
amount of space used differs from df -h result. We should use the Docker
device mapper instead.
   c) freedom-virtual => 500 GB. qcow files for a bunch of VMs. Not sure
which VMs are being used this space. The VMs currently running are:
ole, hanginggarden, chat, munin, kuckuck, hammock, beacon, owncloud,
pirate. I guess all of these VMs belong to Dogi. There are also qcow images
for apparently decommissioned VMS.
   d) hammock-data => 150 GB.
   e) hanginggarden-data => 50 GB.
   f) ole-data => 100 GB.
   g) socialhelp => 20 GB. This wrong named LV is used to host some SL

5) In ole there is only one LV named hammock with 2.73 TB.

Bernie bought two 2 TB (~1.8TB) new disks for SL the other day. We are
planning to create the partitions for the new disks and rsync the current

I suggest the following layout:

(a) md0: sdx1 [10GB] + sdy1 [10GB] => /
(b) md1: sdx2 [500GB] + sdy2 [500GB] => PV for Docker.
(c) md2: sdx3 [rest] + sdy3 [rest] => PV for the backup (1 TB) and srv
partiton (replace socialhelp).

The idea is to use the the docker DM [1] instead of btrfs. We should also
deploy kubernetes [2] or something similar in order to improve our
container infra.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,

Samuel C.


[2] http://kubernetes.io/
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