[Systems] Local Labs wikis end of support (was: Re: Wiki is not writable!)

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Fri May 8 00:14:01 EDT 2015

cc: local labs leaders

Chicos, las wikis se siguen cayendo y sin mayor beneficio entonces les
ofrezco rescatar los contenidos y colgarlos al mismo sistema[1] que uso
en pe.sugarlabs.org, que requiere casi 0 mantenimiento, luego lo subimos
al dominio wiki.laboratoriosazucar.org que ya tenemos, y botamos las
wikis antiguas.

Los detalles a continuación.
Saludos fraternos!

[1]: El sistema se llama "Hatta wiki"

On 07/05/15 11:28, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
>> I once wrote a few scripts that that extracted the pages from the old
>> > pe.sugarlabs mediawiki, based on known valid users. I'll try to find
>> > them and share.

Found it!

I think it is fairly self explanatory.
It will save the mediawiki wikitext into a file hierarchy.

I will try to use this tool in the following weeks to salvage what we
can from ar.sl.o - cl.sl.o - not sure about co.sl.o which was
co-mantained with dirakx.

> Works for me. Can we add the owners of the other local labs to the
> thread to ensure nobody is opposed?
Copying now the ones I think are involved in local labs still.
> I'd also go a step further and merge the local labs into the main wiki
> with a prefix such as Peru/ or Local_Labs/Peru/.
http://pe.sugarlabs.org/ has proven to be very sturdy, simple solution
for us. I can even edit offline. There are no spam problems etc, and
it's super fast.

What I think I've been hoping is to put pe.sugarlabs.org into the
wiki.laboratoriosazucar.org domain which we already own and then it
could be the spanish language sugar labs wiki.

This is of course up to each local wiki leader or group.

I can commit to mantain pe.sugarlabs.org (or
wiki.laboratoriosazucar.org), and I can offer to host the content we
salvage from the local wikis into it.

I hope to achieve this within May.
Meanwhile please keep the wikis online even read only.


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