[Systems] LDAP password update

Sebastian Silva sebastian at somosazucar.org
Tue Mar 10 12:17:14 EDT 2015

Hi Martin,
I have gone ahead and set unlimited expiry date to your LDAP account.
Hopefully that'll fix it.
Please try again and let me know.


El 10/03/15 a las 10:55, Martin Abente Lahaye escibió:
> Hello Sebastian,
> I tried that, but I getting "Wrong username or password.", no idea
> why, my user name is tch and I can log into the wiki and tract without
> problems.
> Could it be that my LDAP password is not the same as one in trac and
> the wiki? I assume it was.
> Thanks,
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Sebastian Silva
> <sebastian at somosazucar.org <mailto:sebastian at somosazucar.org>> wrote:
>     Hi Martin,
>     Please try the interface at https://ldap.sugarlabs.org/ to reset
>     your account and report back.
>     Regards,
>     Sebastian
>     El 10/03/15 a las 09:31, Martin Abente Lahaye escibió:
>>     Hello Bernie, Dogi and Sebastian,
>>     I am trying to upload the new release for Sugar 0.104.1, but when
>>     I try to ssh sunjammer I get:
>>         *** System restart required ***
>>         No mail.
>>         Last login: Tue Mar 10 10:26:07 2015 from blahblahblah
>>         WARNING: Your password has expired.
>>         You must change your password now and login again!
>>         Enter login(LDAP) passwor
>>     The thing is, that password update mechanism is not accepting my
>>     current password, the one I use for trac and wiki... and now I
>>     can't log in or make the upload for the release.
>>     Can you give a hand with this?
>>     Gracias!
>>     tch.

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