[Systems] [Sugar-devel] New ASLO Bundles on the Mirror

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Jan 6 20:11:22 EST 2015

On Wed, Jan 07, 2015 at 12:59:58AM +0000, Sam P. wrote:
> James wrote:
> > Is it so different that the bundle .xo file content is different?
> > Why?  That would mean an .xo downloaded from old ASLO would be
> > different to .xo downloaded for new ASLO, right?
> Well, the bundles should have the same contents as their old ASLO
> counterparts.  Assuming the activity author builds the bundle from
> git using only setup.py, they will be the same.  I could compute
> hashes of all the old ASLO bundles and link them, but I think we
> miss lots of potential to use the buildbots.  For example, I will
> start inserting the repository field in all activities that do not
> have it yet, as well as a url pointing to the download page on the
> new ASLO.
> But that is only 1/2 the bundles.  For every commit that the bots
> are notified about, the new ASLO builds a bundle as a
> development/latest copy.  These are available in the new ASLO UI as
> devel version bundles.  I plan to purge these on a cron job, so
> there is only 1 on the sugarlabs servers for each activity.   But
> this does mean that we have lots of bundles that are not on the old

You're losing me here, you seem to be answering a different question.

Return to being concrete.

Browse-157 is available on the old ASLO using this link:

This is backed by a file in the filesystem on sunjammer, which happens
to have the name browse-157.xo in directory
/srv/www-sugarlabs/activities/files/4024 and with an md5sum of

When Browse-157 is available on the new ASLO, how is the storage of
the bundle different?  And if it is different, why is it different?

James Cameron

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