[Systems] [Sugar-devel] New ASLO Bundles on the Mirror

Sam P. sam.parkinson3 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 19:30:41 EST 2015

On Wed Jan 07 2015 at 8:39:12 am Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org>

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> On 01/06/2015 04:52 AM, Sam P. wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I was wondering about the possibility of putting the new ASLO bundles on
> > the download.sl.o mirror.  I was going to put them into a separate
> > folder (named "activities2"), so there may be duplication from the old
> > ASLO bundles, resulting in more space usage.  This will hopefully be
> > short term :)
> Go ahead, all our mirrors should be fine carrying a few hundred MBs of
> data. However, I don't believe you for a moment when you say it's going
> to be short term ;-)
> By the way, is the old Sugar updater compatible with the new aslo
> design? If it's not, then we'll have to keep around the old ASLO for
> years to support the user base.

Your spot on there.  The New ASLO has a new updater system.

> > I was also wondering about how to move the files from the (new... not
> > yet running) Bot Master on Freedom to the mirror, which is on
> > Sunjammer.  I was just planning on using SSHFS, but if you people know
> > anything better I would like to use that.
> If propagation latency isn't an issue, you could export the files with
> rsync from sunjammer from a cronjob every 10 minutes. You could either
> use a public rsyncd, or ssh with a role account not the same account who
> owns the files). Use a forced command in authorized_keys for extra
> security.

Slow propagation will cause some issues. So just SSHFS it?

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