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Fri Feb 13 05:44:08 EST 2015

A new version of [Discourse](http://www.discourse.org) is available.

Your version: 1.2.0.beta6
New version: **1.2.0.beta8**

You may want to:

- See what's new in the [GitHub changelog](https://github.com/discourse/discourse/commits/master).

- Upgrade by visiting [http://socialhelp.sugarlabs.org/admin/upgrade](http://socialhelp.sugarlabs.org/admin/upgrade), and pressing the "Upgrade" button.

- Visit [meta.discourse.org](http://meta.discourse.org) for news, discussion, and support for Discourse.

### Release notes

This critical update resolves a memory leak in the Postgres database driver (the pg gem) by reverting to a previous version of the gem.
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