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Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Dec 7 11:27:21 EST 2015

On 12/07/2015 11:13 AM, Samuel Cantero wrote:
>     I tried reproducing the problem in the Sandbox page, but editing does
>     not work at all because the docker container with the node.js app needed
>     by Parsoid is not running. Odd, the other containers are all up.
> Parsoid container is not running. I tried to start it, but Docker
> complains that is not enough disk space to build this container. Its
> partition has 1.3 GB available, so we should remove old and unused
> images. I have a meeting now and I'm leaving now, but I will fix it as
> soon as posible. Sorry.

Also, I found three parsoid images:

org.sugarlabs.wiki_parsoid  latest  0cf030b154df  4 months ago 298.1 MB
wiki.sugarlabs.org-parsoid  latest  0cf030b154df  4 months ago 298.1 MB
parsoid                     latest  0cf030b154df  4 months ago 298.1 MB

SamP, could you please delete the unused images and update the
documentation to match reality?


>     Adding Sam to the thread since he's been improving the wiki lately so he
>     probably knows how to fix this.
>     For my own information, where is the list of images that should be
>     autostarted when the docker daemon starts?
> Using the sam's script container.yml every container is configured with
> autostart. Anyway, it would be good to write some doc about our docker
> infra in our wiki.

Indeed, I'm never sure what to do when a container is down, or even
which containers should be running.

It's also my fault for living under a (Google) rock for the past 4 years
while all the cool kids are using Docker :-)

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