[Systems] Docker alerting

Sam P. sam at sam.today
Sun Aug 2 04:19:25 EDT 2015

Hi All,

I was looking around for docker alerting software, and it is few and far
between (in the self hosted world).  But one very nice looking package was

So it is a time series data tool that integrates with cAdvisor (along with
many other software packages).  It then has another tool called
alertmanager that let's you run queries at defined intervals and send
alerts if queries meet conditions [1].

I've set up a pometheus instance on freedom [2][3] and I plan to setup
alertmanager soon.  But what sort of queries do we want alerts on?

We can also query data about vms because cAdvisor collects data about vms :)


[1] http://prometheus.io/docs/alerting/overview/
[3] http://dev.sam.today:9090 (I got HSTS all over freedom.slo, so firefox
now decides I want https on every port)
[2]Query to view dockers memory usage:
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