[Systems] [Sugar-devel] This list in need YOUR help

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sat Apr 4 02:43:52 EDT 2015

Thanks for volunteering. I guess it's just the two of us.
I've put the list admin password in your ~/.ssh/ directory on Sunjammer.

I'll add you as admin so you get potential notifications. We've had zero
requests needing manual intervention since this call for help.

Also I agree with your suggestions and will proceed accordingly.

Have a good Easter weekend.

On 29/03/15 15:06, James Cameron wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 02:21:55PM -0500, Sebastian Silva wrote:
>> There is a number of reasons a message could wind up in the
>> moderation queue.
>> If it is over 256k.
> As list post volume has fallen, and cost per byte has fallen, I
> propose you double or quadruple that limit.  As consequence, the risk
> of busy moderator will be reduced.
>> If you send it from a different address than the one you are
>> subscribed.
>> The one that bit me, was that mailman thought my email was some kind
>> of administrative email (subscription request or something).
>> It also seems like some people have been automatically unsubscribed
>> against their will because of some kind of bounce email automatic
>> processing.
> Yes, this is an irritating problem.  The problem can be seen by a list
> maintainer ... when a burst of unsubscribe notifications arrive with a
> pattern.
> I'm happy with my moderation responsibilities on lists.laptop.org;
> they keep me busy ... but if you have no other volunteers for
> moderation, let me know.

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