[Systems] justice.sl.o had an outage

Stefan Unterhauser stefan at unterhauser.name
Sat Mar 1 14:56:49 EST 2014

<dogi> hi all
<dogi> bernie, alsroot, dnarvaez_ justice.sugarlabs.org had a hiccup
<dogi> restarted it over the ipmi
<dogi> it looks like it worked
<dogi> http://munin.treehouse.su/gar/DOMs/justice.treehouse.su/index.html
<dogi> please check if all the services of the VMs are working again
* dogi will focus on reading logs justice ;)

* chat.sugarlabs.org is back
* meeting.sugarlabs.org is back
* meeting bot is online
* ...

<- please help ... thank you

justice:~# virsh list --all
 Id Name                 State
  1 pootle               running
  2 pye-zatoichi         running
  3 lightwave            running
  4 amnesia              running
  5 tango                running
  6 jita                 running
  7 mothership           running
  8 atls                 running
  - rt                   shut off
  - serendipity          shut off
  - template-precise     shut off
  - zatoichi             shut off

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