[Systems] SN experiencing performance issues

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Apr 15 11:09:45 EDT 2014

I went ahead and "bounced" the service (/etc/init.d/sugar-network 
restart in jita).

Performance slowly degrades over time until it gets to a crawl.

Please help solving this issue. With disabling notifications, the 
system speeds up quite noticeably and doesn't crash.


El mar, 15 de abr 2014 a las 9:24 AM, Laura Vargas 
<laura at somosazucar.org> escribió:
> Hi all!
> This is to report Sugar Network is experiencing peformance problems 
> as it is very slow right now. 
> I'm aware of the back end upgrade that will be taking place in the 
> following weeks, but still need help solving this permformance issues 
> in the meanwhile.
> Thanks in advance
> -- 
> Laura V.
> I&D SomosAZUCAR.Org
> Identi.ca/Skype acaire
> IRC kaametza
> Happy Learning!
> -- 
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