[Systems] Browse activity and FTP sites support

Gustavo Duarte gus.duarte at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 11:16:06 EDT 2014

Hi folks,

I'm having problems browsing on FTP sites in Browse activity.

I'm using Browse activity version 156, I guess that is the last, right ?

When I went to ftp, url like: ftp://debian.netcologne.de/debian-cd, a 
page error was showed saying:

"This wep page couldn't be loaded"
Try again.

I added on browse.py file a log on line 736, like this:

logging.warning('load_eror_cb, uri: ' + uri + ' | web error code: '+ 

The line showed when running Browse activity is:

1397314748.301408 WARNING root: load_eror_cb, uri: 
ftp://debian.netcologne.de/debian-cd | web error code: 101

So the Web error code reporting by Webkit is 101, what means ?

Has Webkit support for browsing on FTP sites ?

Thanks in advance.


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