[Systems] Re-enabled account creation on wiki.sugarlabs.org

Sebastian Silva sebastian at sugarlabs.org
Wed May 8 01:39:50 EDT 2013

satellit reported the wiki was being spammed so I disabled new
users creation again. I'm not a wiki admin on w.sl.o, nor do I know
what's the recommended way to purge these messages, but
would appreciate ideas because local labs wikis are horribly


El 02/05/13 20:41, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
> Hello,
> today Sebastian and I re-enabled user creation in the main wiki.
> Hopefully ReCaptcha will keep spammers away, but please watch out for
> suspicious activity and don't hesitate to disable user creation in case
> of another wave of links spam.
> By the way: I'll be traveling in Italy from tomorrow until May 14.
> Connectivity should be good, but I might be away from all keyboards for
> extended periods. Please watch over our machines and don't hesitate to
> contact me if needed (my usual phone number should work).

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