[Systems] [ANNOUNCE] git.sugarlabs.org has migrated

Aleksey Lim alsroot at sugarlabs.org
Sun Feb 24 03:57:52 EST 2013

On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 07:40:23PM +0000, Aleksey Lim wrote:
> Hi all!
> The git.sugarlab.org will be unavailable for an hour starting from
> 2013-02-24 06:00 UTC. It will migrate to new hardware and most
> recent Gitorious version.

git.sugarlab.org was migrated to the most recent Gitorious release and
new hardware. There are changes in different places.

== UI ==

* Setting for email notifications moved to

* It is possible to delete your own account from
  user's Dashboard.

* Query format for tags search was changed
  from "TAG:query" to "@TAG query" or "@TAG:query".

== Download/upload urls ==

* Since IP address was changes to, update your
  ~/.ssh/known_hosts file to avoid SSH alerts while pushing
  to git.sugarlab.org.

* To unify SSL certificate usage, the former HTTP cloning url was
  changed from http.git.sugarlabs.org to src.sugarlab.org.
  Though, previous urls should still work but it is better to change
  urls in .git/confg file to avoid needles redirections (that might
  double pulling time).


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