[Systems] Sugar Labs wiki login was: lost wiki password

Frederick Grose fgrose at sugarlabs.org
Fri Feb 15 15:49:40 EST 2013


If you need to reset your wiki password, please follow the

'Forgotten your login details?'  link on the login page,


It will take you to the Reset password page, which will request your
Username and
send a temporary password to your email.

(Note: The 'E-mail new password' button may have a corrupted label with
words included like, <!-- Bad Behavior 2.2.1 run time: 4.166 ms -->, which
are artifacts of some anti-spam software we are using.  The button
functions correctly.)

If you have used a Sugar Labs server account to log in to the wiki, that
feature has been disabled, because the LDAP Authentication extension was
interfering with the Password Reset facility.

OpenID logins should not be affected by these changes.

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