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Aleksey Lim alsroot at sugarlabs.org
Sun Aug 25 02:35:41 EDT 2013

On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 12:54:19AM -0400, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
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> Aleksey created our ASLO instance and can point you at the code and
> anything else you may need to setup a local ASLO instance. After this is
> done, we can help you get started by cloning our activities database
> into it.
> Alternative proposal: ASLO allows specifying a compatibility range
> separately for each activity, but it's likely that none of the volunteer
> ASLO admins in the Sugar community has ever focused on the combination
> of XO hardware and Sugar release used in Australia. We could grant admin
> access to someone at OLPC Australia who would go through each activity
> and update the compatibility info.

How urgent the need in local ASLO is?

Before looking for a way to setup local ASLO instance you need to take
into account the following points:

(1) ASLO code base is far behind the upstream project.
    AMO (addons.mozilla.org) was migrated to different web framework and
    we didn't find volunteers to do the same for ASLO; It is a regular
    web based service, i.e., you'll have to support only one instance
    for Internet based users with having skilled person(s) to support

(1) AMO is designed to be the only access point for users, i.e., if you
    setup local ASLO we will setup isolated db for users, activities,
    feedback. In my mind it should be a pain for people, of course,
    if setting up exactly isolated community is the point.

(3) More a year ago was started Sugar Network project to solve (1)
    and (2). The last but not the least, it is designed to be distributed,
    i.e., we can have the master SN node on SL server, regional Internet
    based SN nodes, nodes on school servers, nodes on XO laptops for
    off-line environment where the only networking option is a
    Sneakernet. All nodes can be simply synchronized with each other,
    i.e., we are not splitting communities. If someone left a feedback
    (comment, review, or, failure report) on one of networking layers,
    sooner or later, it will be on master node to be available for
    the whole Network (including affected activities developers).
    In difference to ASLO, SN is designed to easily cherry-pick most
    appropriate content for your region (regional SN node and all nodes
    that depend on it), e.g., you can select particular activities and
    particular activity versions to make it available in your region
    (but this content will remain common for entire Network).

Sugar Network is in testing phase of its v1.0 release, pilot in Peru
You can find more info on Sugar Labs wiki,

Let me know if you are still interesting in ASLO, will try to collect
all info regarding ASLO installation.


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