[Systems] Granting Sugar Labs accounts

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Sat Sep 22 14:27:49 EDT 2012

<Guest79630> hola
<Guest79630> hello
<Guest79630> i need a e-mail @sugarlabs.irg
<Guest79630> i need a e-mail @sugarlabs.org
<Guest79630> hello
<bernie> hello, who are you?

When random people prompt you for a Sugar Labs account or an email
alias, ask them to follow our procedures:


Specifically, don't give accounts to unknown people without credentials.
If you don't know them personally, ask them to find a sponsor who has
already the level of privilege they're requesting.

Additionally, for shell accounts, ask the applicant to justify their
request. A malicious or incompetent shell user can potentially cause us
a lot of harm, so the trust bar has to be set a lot higher.

Bernie Innocenti
Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

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