[Systems] [ibiblio.org #48828] mirrors.ibiblio.org very slow

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Jun 21 15:56:07 EDT 2012

On Thu, 2012-06-21 at 15:08 -0400, John via RT wrote:
> Bernie,
> I'm sorry to hear that the ibiblio mirrors site is slow.  Traffic and load varies quite a bit from 
> day to day.  It does look a little heavy today.  Maybe another project has released something 
> in the past day or two.
> Would you mind sharing a little about how users end up on the mirror sites?  I've been 
> browsing the sugarlabs.org wiki and can't find links to mirrors.  Most of the hits on our end 
> are for activities .xo files, which I tracked to activities.sugarlabs.org.  The mirrors status page 
> doesn't show ibiblio, which makes sense if you pulled mirrors.ibiblio.org from rotation.

We use Mirror Brain to automatically redirect file downloads from
downloads.sugarlabs.org to the closest mirror (with some load

Today we've disabled mirrors.ibiblio.org to solve the contingency.

> You might be interested in a new ibiblio project called terasaur.  It's a platform for 
> distributing large files, such as data sets, VM images, software, etc., using BitTorrent.  We're 
> working to solve the problems of persistent seeding, uploading, and integration/automation.
> We're not quite ready to open it up yet, but I posted the most recent SoaS images to give you 
> an idea.
> http://terasaur.org/item/show/sugar-on-a-stick-quandong/6518
> I'm happy to add more content, and we can hand the pages over when the platform is ready.
> Also, we're actively gathering suggestions and feedback to steer development.  If you or 
> others have ideas, please let me know.

I think torrents would be very useful for distribute OS images, but the
bulk of our downloads are Sugar activities, which can't be made to
support torrents until Sugar itself adds support for it (unlikely).

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