[Systems] Mediawiki 1.18.1 on wiki-devel.sugarlabs.org

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Mon Feb 20 18:36:33 EST 2012


I've upgraded our development wiki to the latest svn snapshot of
Mediawiki 1.18. You can admire it here:


Additionally, I've enabled the following extensions for testing:

 - TimedMediaHandler: allows uploading videos in the wiki and
   playing them on any HTML5-enabled browser. Demo here: 

 - LdapAuthentication: allows logging in using the ldap
   username and password (in addition to OpenID and mediawiki users)

 - WikiEditor: ajax page editor with some nice features. Earlier
   versions used to break cut & paste on various browsers.

Please test it a little. If I don't hear complains, I'll proceed to
upgrade the production wiki and all the Local Labs wikis.

Bernie Innocenti
Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

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