[Systems] sugarlabs.org domain transfer to Gandi is working...

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Wed Aug 29 00:27:50 EDT 2012

On Thu, 2012-08-23 at 09:27 -0400, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
> I wrote at 08:20 (EDT) on Wednesday:
> > I'll check each morning on the status and keep you posted.
> The interface now now says:
> >>> STEP 4 	The transfer has been accepted by the former provider (Name.com, LLC (R1288-LROR)) 	[Pending]
> >>> STEP 5 	Transfer finalization (Registry's anticipated transfer completion date: Monday 27 August 2012, 08:00
> >>>        Note that you can contact your former registrar to ask that they speed this up.) 	[Pending]
> I also saw the email Bernie forwarded me from Name.com.
> Meanwhile, I don't know how you'd get Name.Com to speed up Step 5, but this looks
> much better than the situation we had with sugarlabs.net -- Gandi
> appears to be aware of Name.com's procedure here.
> My plan now is to check in again on this on Monday morning.

Ok, the transfer was successful and I could restore the glue NS and DS

Now, do you still have the certificate request I sent you?

Bernie Innocenti
Sugar Labs Infrastructure Team

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