[Systems] Seeking assistance to get Adobe Flash installed on Sugar 0.96

me ae789 at tcnet.org
Thu Aug 23 22:37:18 EDT 2012

This page indicates "Adobe Flash is not pre-installed but can be."



This page indicates "Adobe Flash 10, a Restricted Format can be installed for both the Browse Activity and the Opera activity. This installation must be repeated after any Update.

To install the latest version of Adobe Flash, which plays a larger variety of Flash pages, follow the installation instructions." 



With the new version of Sugar, are the instructions on these wiki pages incorrect?



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Hi there, 


On 23 August 2012 12:13, me <ae789 at tcnet.org> wrote:

Read the wiki page for OLPC & Adobe Flash but did not see anything regarding the latest version of Sugar and latest version of Adobe Flash.


Sugar Labs does not support Flash. Please see http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Support for more information.  


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