[Systems] Seeking assistance to get Adobe Flash installed on Sugar 0.96

me ae789 at tcnet.org
Thu Aug 23 12:13:02 EDT 2012

Read the wiki page for OLPC & Adobe Flash but did not see anything regarding
the latest version of Sugar and latest version of Adobe Flash.

These are my actions to date:


1. Downloaded latest Sugar on a Stick 0.96 (Quandong).  I do not use the XO
laptop, but an HP G60 Notebook.  Sugar Home screen loads with Activities and
am able to connect to internet through wifi access point.


2. Opened Terminal, changed to root. Typed the following:

# su -l

# wget

# rpm -i flash-plugin-*.rpm


3. Logout from Terminal.


4. Opened Browse, navigated to YouTube.  Message on video window indicates
the Adobe Flash player is required.


5. Navigated to Adobe Flash Browser Version Test.  The empty box appeared,
there was no movie playing.  Instructions indicated to download the Adobe


6. Closed Browse. Opened Terminal.  Changed to root.


7. Retyped # rpm -i flash-plugin-*.rpm  

Message returned is " package flash-plugin- is
already installed".


8. Typed the following to uninstall Adobe Flash: 

su -l

rpm -e flash-plugin




9. Opened Terminal.  Changed to root. Repeated steps 3-5.  Same result.

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