[Systems] StartSSL Certificate Expiration, 01:17 pm 24 Apr 2012

Luke Faraone luke at faraone.cc
Tue Apr 24 13:37:00 EDT 2012

On 24/04/12 06:17, StartCom CertMaster wrote:
> This mail is intended for the person who owns a digital certificate
> issued by the StartSSL™ Certification Authority
> (http://www.startssl.com/).
> The Class 1, client certificate for systems at lists.sugarlabs.org and
> serial number 165063 (284C7) is about to expire in about two weeks.
> Please log into the StartSSL Control Panel at
> https://www.startssl.com/?app=12 and get a new certificate for this
> purpose. Failing to update your client certificate might result in
> the loss of your account.
> Should you have lost the client certificate which was previously
> issued to you, please register once again - login without the client
> certificate installed into your browser will not work in that case.

Who created this? I'm not sure we should have a client certificate for
this mailing list…

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