[Systems] Group Server [ http://group.sugarlabs.org/ ] - help or access required

Sebastian Silva sebastian at sugarlabs.org
Thu Jun 16 13:38:25 EDT 2011

Hi BOFHs of the World :-)

I want to try GroupServer for the dialog that is going on about Sugar 
Labs South America.
Bernie went thru the seemingly painstaking installation procedure, up 
until step 5.
http://groupserver.org/downloads/install - thanks Bernie!

Now all that is left to do is setup postfix aliasing and scripts and set 
up an apache rewrite rule.
I would appreciate help on this especially the email routing part.

Or, maybe I could give it a shot but I don't have the required access to 
configure postfix and apache on sunjammer.
Thanks for your help


El 17/05/11 09:19, Sebastian Silva escribió:
> I will have time to look at this tonight, as we're traveling today to 
> the farm.
> I'll look into how to configure the email and web proxy functionality.
> Thank you!
> Sebastian
> El 17/05/11 01:55, Bernie Innocenti escribió:
>> Hey,
>> I spent a few hours setting up the groupserver instance on sunjammer.
>> The build stage was quite difficult, but now I can start the zope
>> instance like this:
>>   sudo -u groupserver -i
>>   bin/instance fg
>> Then, you can go to http://groups.sugarlabs.org/manage and login as user
>> admin. The password is in instance.cfg.
>> This gets us to paragraph 5 of the online installation instructions. Let
>> me know if you make any progress.

Sebastian Silva
Oversight Board Member
Sugar Labs

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