[Systems] jabber.sugarlbs.org update

Aleksey Lim alsroot at activitycentral.org
Sun Jul 17 00:25:00 EDT 2011

Hi all,

The progress of implementation of sugar plugin for Prosody jabber server
that is being used on jabber.sugarlabs.org.

> Please test 0.92 collaboration using jabber.sugarlabs.org. The jabber server on
> jabber.sl.o has initial version of sugar support and has several issues:
> * 2K of off-line users, so sugar might be not too fast on startup
Should be better but sugar prosody plugin needs to be improved to handle
cleaning up procedures on the fly for fake users.

> * not all buddies are both-subscribed, so run 0.88 sugar (see Sweets_Usage
>   wiki page about starting particular sugar version) at first in your current
>   sugar environment, it will cause to subscribe all buddies presence
>   statuses, then run 0.92 sugar
not more actual

There are no pending/already-found urgent issues in TODO for Prosody sugar
plugin. But it doesn't mean that it looks fine for all users.
jabber.sl.o is being used by people with different sugars and it is
hard to say where the problem is (prosody plugin works fine in local
development environment w/ only 0.92 clients after brief testing).

Sugar 0.88 clients status:

    works fine all time

0.9x upstream versions including current trunk:

    might have several issues like showing dups

sugar-0.92 from sweets

    contains some experimental fixes (see [SWEETS] post)
    works mostly well after brief testing in local env
    might be found in http://git.sugarlabs.org/sdk project

At the same time, not all buddies that are mostly only right now on
jabber.sugarlabs.org are ok. Some of them never published vcard info and
have nicks in form of jids, some buddies don't support sugar specific
features and not being displayed in F1 view. As was already mentioned,
it is hard to say what is the problem, in clint or server. 0.92 collab
code needs to be locally teste in homogeneous environment at first, ie,
not on jabber.sugarlabs.org.


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