[Systems] [IAEP] planet.sugarlabs.org html/css redesign

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 16:51:12 EST 2011

probably Google is used to telling you what you want to hear ... :-)

I see it as #8 

> Searching for "sugar planet" now returns the planet as first result both
> in Google and in Duckduckgo. It's still a low hit for "sugar blogs" or
> "sugar labs blogs".
IMHO the blurb is good, if maybe too long and cigarette-advisory look 
(which means hard to read, as design goes)

People who know won't care about the blurb, except the minimalists who 
gave us unrecognizable icons for the wireless channels, noobs will find 
it reassuring, and it is a good thing that Google for example shows the 
first lines - otherwise I'd have no idea this is it, unless I went to 
guess the links...

BTW, why is it that the first article is from Sept 6 2010?  Also, I see 
no link to archives.  Is this going to run forever as a single page or 
should older entries be accessible somehow?

      /Planet Sugar/ <http://planet.sugarlabs.org/>

/Planet Sugar/ is a collection of personal blogs by /Sugar/ Labs 
contributors. /Sugar/ Labs is a world-wide organization of passionate 
people working together to *...*

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