[Systems] RT improvements

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Jan 24 10:08:18 EST 2011

I made the following changes to RT:

1) redirect all spam flagged by SpamAssassin (on sunjammer) to the new
"spam" queue, which has no watchers. This required passing mail through
procmail. Perhaps it could have been done with some clever script
directly in RT, but I did not know enough of it

2) fix a configuration error that was causing redirect loops

3) upgrade to 3.3.8 (by pulling the package from maverick)

4) upgrade a few dependencies of RT, including Mason and sqlite3

5) move the VM to a real LVM partition

6) turn off postgresql, which was not being used

7) one of the above changes managed to fix the performance problem that
would make tickets display extremely slow (like, 10-15 seconds) while
apache was eating up 100% cputime.

The interface still looks sluggish. I'd like to move it to sunjammer for
slightly increased performance. I doubt changing the DBMS would help
much with performance at our scale, but we could try that as well.

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