[Systems] [IAEP] Better links bar for wiki.sugarlabs.org

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Fri Jan 21 20:08:07 EST 2011

Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> Dogi noticed that we had two "Download" links in the Wiki: one on the
> sidebar, leading to the download page, and one in the links bar on top
> of the page which leads straight to download.sugarlabs.org.
I personally think the "download" link on top is important and should be 

The Link to Sugar/Downloads on the sidebar:
should be called "Get Sugar": and point to:
Directly. I do not understand why it goes to a "landing page" first.
This is more consistent with the other items on the left Sugar sidebar
Get Started; Get Help; Get Involved.

Too Many Clicks

Tom Gilliard

I have been trying to make the Sidebar Entry for :

A master menu for all things sugar. I think it is a useful index.
> In the name of clarity, I removed the Download link on top, along with a
> few other links to developer oriented resources. Those are still easy to
> find from either git.sugarlabs.org or bugs.sugarlabs.org.
> I also tried to make the links bar prettier and more visually distinct
> from the rest of the page. Anyone with better designer skills feel free
> to improve it further. I think it would be best if we could consolidate
> on on the same look across all services, like Google does for its
> navbar.
> I have also another thought, more controversial: the content of our
> static website is very outdated and I heard complaints about it from
> many people (especially casual visitors). Meanwhile, several people
> worked on improving the visual look, usability and content of the wiki.
> Wouldn't it be better to make the wiki become our website?
> The marketing team could probably come up with a refreshed version of
> the website, but it might take a long time to finalize it. I see this as
> a temporary solution.

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