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FYI, we are currently running Pootle 2.0.3.


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Hi lists,

A quick bug fix release to celebrate the new Year. Please welcome
Pootle 2.1.5!

Pootle is a web based system for translation and translation management.

This release fixes a couple of regressions introduced in the previous
2.1.4 release. Including a build mistake where the files in the 2.1.4
tarball had very restrictive permissions.

Apart from that, version 2.1.5 has a handful of fixes. Here are the
 - Fix regression causing update from templates to fail for GNU Style
   projects with subdirectories.
 - Fix regression in handling obsolete units while committing to
   version control (reported by Mozilla).
 - Clean stale file locks left in cases of external kills which
   running expensive commands.
 - Fix security bug where project names would leak to users without
   view access on the server via news summary on front page or profile
   edit form.
 - Fix a bug that prevented Project level permissions from overriding
   very restrictive server wide permissions.

As always Pootle will benefit from fixes and performance improvements
in the latest versions of Translate Toolkit.

Feature list:


Installation instructions:


More information:

Enjoy it,
The Translate Team

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