[Systems] Google Analytics disabled in wiki.sl.o

Frederick Grose fgrose at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 20:17:16 EST 2011

Re: #info * wiki.sl.o analytics is broken since nov14/15

#bernie: disabled due to incompatibility with php 5.3.2
#require_once( "$IP/extensions/googleAnalytics/googleAnalytics.php" );
#$wgGoogleAnalyticsAccount = 'UA-6267583-1';
#$wgGoogleAnalyticsIgnoreSysops = false;

Product   Version
MediaWiki 1.16.0 (r71885)
PHP       5.2.10-2ubuntu6.7 (apache2handler)
MySQL     5.1.41-3ubuntu12.9-log
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