[Systems] Sugar Labs website: call for content

Mike DeVine pixelshredder at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 11:12:11 EDT 2011

Dear Sugar Labs community members,

This is Mike DeVine, one of the RIT students working on the redesign for the Sugar Labs website. As you may have read in an earlier email from Sean Daly, we're currently looking for any and all content related to Sugar, in any shape or form, which we can incorporate into the new site. This means images, video, documents, links, anything. The new site will be much more multimedia-friendly, and we'd like to show that off with as much content as possible, as well as by creating new content to fill holes left by what's already out there.

We also have more specific needs for content in some areas, and I'll be sending out more emails with details on those items, but for now I'm simply sending out a general call for any and all content (and links to content) the Sugar community can provide. Simply reply to this email with either content attached or links to content, and we'll take it from there.

Thanks very much in advance,

- Mike DeVine

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