[Systems] Disk space on sunjammer

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Thu Nov 4 17:43:28 EDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-11-04 at 16:45 -0400, Munin wrote:
> sugarlabs.org :: sunjammer.sugarlabs.org :: Disk usage in percent
> 	CRITICALs: / is 98.01 (outside range [:98]).
> 	OKs: /lib/init/rw is 0.00, /dev is 3.28, /srv is 54.83, /var/run is 0.03, /var/lock is 0.00, /dev/shm is 0.00, /tmp is 0.14.

I took a few corrective actions:

1) remove some old backups from /backup (saved a whopping 50GB, but
then I realized that /backup was actually in /srv)

2) delete the "debug" and "user" logs and disable them. They were doing
150MB per day of nonsense output from trac. Sascha, is there a way to
turn debug output off?

3) delete /var/lib/mysql.bak, a very old backup. Our mysql database is
4GB now, mostly in innodb. I ran "OPTIMIZE TABLE" on the 3 worse

 * oledrupal_715_0.cache
 * sugarwikidevel.text

Is there an easy way to shrink the ibdata1 file? Apparently not. I will
experiment with innodb_file_per_table on a non-production server and if
it seems to perform well I'll re-create the db on sunjammer with this
option enabled.

4) the *real* offender is 18GB of junk indexes
in /root/.cache/duplicity. It is now clear that this backup scheme
cannot scale to the size of sunjammer. I think I'll switch to an
rsync-based multiversioned backup, like I've been doing for ages on
trinity. This can be done quickly and securely on treehouse through the
crosslink cable. There's 1TB of free space over there.

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