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Christian Marc Schmidt christianmarc at gmail.com
Wed May 5 08:14:19 EDT 2010

Hi Bernie--unfortunately I'm still unable to login. I'm using:

I tried updating my password and it doesn't recognize my account. Can you
walk me through the process?



On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 2:29 PM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org> wrote:

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> El Tue, 04-05-2010 a las 08:37 -0400, Christian Marc Schmidt escribió:
> > Sean asked me to push an update to the site, but I am no longer able
> > to login. Could you enable a new account for me on sunjammer? Also,
> > how do I set up my local id_rsa key? Ivan walked me through the
> > process a while ago...
> We're moving away from the old web server because Ivan bought a new
> machine which is racked elsewhere. Since today, the main website is
> being hosted on sunjammer (DNS caches are still updating).
> Your account is "cms" and you can access it by logging in as
> cms at people.sugarlabs.org using ssh, scp, sftp and so on. (we could also
> enable ftp-over-ssl, if necessary).
> The public ssh key you were using on solarsail is also installed on
> sunjammer. If your old account on sunjammer expired, you can re-enable
> it by simply setting a new password at
> https://ldap.sugarlabs.org/passwd .
> The main website is available in 3 different sandboxes:
>  http://www.sugarlabs.org          /srv/www-sugarlabs/www
>  http://www-testing.sugarlabs.org  /srv/www-sugarlabs/www-testing
>  http://www-devel.sugarlabs.org    /srv/www-sugarlabs/www-devel
> You have write access to all three, but please upload your changes only
> to www-devel and www-testing. The general idea of this three-staged
> setup is that web designer can experiment as much as they like in the
> devel environment, then move their work to testing for validation, and
> finally a sysadmin moves the pages to the production environment
> atomically.
> If you need faster turnaround, I don't mind you doing also the last
> step, but it needs to be done locally, from a shell account to minimize
> the amount of time during which the web site remains in a transient
> state with inconsistent content and broken links.
> NOTE: I'm seeing some very large files in static/soas. Are they still
> linked from anywhere? If so, can we move them to the download area where
> they're mirrored on our CDN?
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