[Systems] [support.osuosl.org #10739] git.sugarlabs.org: Gitorious upgrade

Lance Albertson via RT support at osuosl.org
Mon May 3 19:57:39 EDT 2010

On Mon May 03 22:47:41 2010, cjb at laptop.org wrote:
> Hi,
>    > You just send it to identi.ca as if it were a regular message.
>    > The "!sugarlabsstatus" magic word will forward it to anyone
>    > watching this group.
> With the proviso that you can only send messages to a group you're
> already subscribed to, so Lance would have to hit the Join button on
> http://identi.ca/group/sugarlabsstatus first.

I figured it out and hopefully the notifications worked as you wanted.
You're not using ruby-enterprise with passenger so it should be faster!

The ruby upgrade went well and the site appears to be back online. Lets
work on getting a test site online with the newer gitorious tomorrow. It
would be nice if I could work with someone on IRC. Ping me in #osuosl
tomorrow morning and we can coordinate from there. I'd like to get a
test site online to verify everything is working fine before we try the
production site.

Please let me know if something is wrong with the site.


Lance Albertson
Systems Administrator / Architect
Open Source Lab

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