[Systems] a press release tomorrow

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sat Jun 12 11:44:31 EDT 2010

El Fri, 11-06-2010 a las 21:59 -0400, Bernie Innocenti escribió:

> > > In honor of Mirabelle, I suggest we update the wiki logo to this file,
> > > http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/images/thumb/f/f4/SugarLabsSplitMirabelle.svg/180px-SugarLabsSplitMirabelle.svg.png
> > >     --Fred
> > 
> > In my obviously very biased opinion, I applaud this proposal. Thank you! :)
> +1. Frederick, go ahead!

The new logo does not have a transparent background... it needs to be
fixed otherwise it will look bad on most skin (including the default

Note, to make the image work on both dark and light backgrounds, we
should take care to remove also the outline of lighter pixels all around
the logo. I don't know how to make Gimp do this automatically because I
suck at image processing.

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