[Systems] With whom does Matt need to communicate to setup turtleartsite.sugarlabs.org?

Bernie Innocenti bernie at sugarlabs.org
Tue Jul 27 19:08:45 EDT 2010

On Tue, 2010-07-27 at 16:56 -0400, Jeff Elkner wrote:
> Walter tells me you are the ones that Matt Gallagher
> <mattva01 at gmail.com> needs to talk to so that:

Yes, along with Sasha. DNS requests should go through the administrative
contact hostmaster at sugarlabs.org .

> http://turtleartsite.sugarlabs.org
> can point to the web2py application at:
> http://turtleartsite.appspot.com
> We have TurtleArt Day in less than 2 weeks and would like everything
> in place before then.

I've added a CNAME record turtleartsite.sugarlabs.org pointing to

However, Google redirects to its search engine page. You probably need
to tell AppEngine about the new domain name.

Also, while it's great to have this service 100% managed by you and your
team it would be good to have admin access also for me and another
member of the SL infrastructure team.

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