[Systems] New buildslaves

Steven M. Parrish smparrish at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 16:18:49 EDT 2010

On 07/17/10 at 11:47am, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> El Sat, 17-07-2010 a las 10:42 -0400, Steven M. Parrish escribió:
> > I had also noticed when doing the images and upgrading them that there
> > is alot of bloat in them with X Gnome and KDE packages that are
> > not needed.  I will work on getting rid of these extraneous packages.
> Some gnome packages are required by sugar-jhbuild.
> If unsure, go ahead and uninstall. We'll restore them later with
> "sugar-jhbuild check-deps".
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>    // Bernie Innocenti - http://codewiz.org/
>  \X/  Sugar Labs       - http://sugarlabs.org/

I saw you added the buildslaves to the zone file, but I still cant ssh
into them.  unable to resolve the name still.

Also you have mentioned keeping only one buildslave for each release.
I'm good with that, and think we should keep 32bit and not worry about
64 bit atm.
Steven M. Parrish
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