[Systems] OpenID authority service was: Re: wiki account creation, Talk page spam

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri Jul 16 18:42:10 EDT 2010

El Fri, 16-07-2010 a las 17:05 -0400, Frederick Grose escribió:

> (Although progress is being made with the
> MediaWiki UsabilityInitiative.  See the new editing tools coming
> here, 
> http://wiki-devel.sugarlabs.org/index.php?title=Infrastructure_Team&action=edit)
Wow the editor is amazing. If it seems to work well with most browsers,
I'd move it to the production wiki.

> The OpenID process seems quite suitable for our editors, as easy as
> AOL, Yahoo, or Google, see

> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/index.php?title=Special:OpenIDLogin&returnto=Special:OpenIDLogin 

I hadn't seen the new login page of Mediawiki 1.16. Looks great.

However, after I login with my OpenID (https://id.sugarlabs.org/bernie),
I get the following php warning:

  array_key_exists [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in /srv/www-sugarlabs/wiki/extensions/OpenID/SpecialOpenIDLogin.body.php on line 265

>         How about adding a captcha extension for new users?

> Outsourcing the authentication service seems to me to be both more
> secure and more productive for our current set of learners and
> contributors, thus, a good option.

I agree with you.

> Of course, when or if we start to host in the wiki things like Learner
> blogs or projects, Moodle courses, or Etoys, Scratch, Turtle Art, or
> other Activity objects, then we should reconsider the state of things.

If their login interface looks anything like the Mediawiki one, then
OpenID is no longer a problem.

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