[Systems] Help with infrastructure

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Jul 5 10:10:53 EDT 2010

Some updates:

On Sun, 2010-06-20 at 18:57 -0400, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> El Sun, 20-06-2010 a las 12:51 -0400, Steven Parrish escribió:
> > Hey Bernie,
> > 
> > I saw you were looking for people to help with infrastructure and
> > sysadmin duties.   I volunteer if you still need people
> Thank you very much, this is very appreciated.
> What services would you like to take over? We have a number of areas in
> need for help:
>  * upgrade/maintain git.sl.o (hard)
>  * upgrade trac to 0.12 (silbe may do this, not sure)
>  * wiki (sysadmin only, does not take much time)
>  * shell accounts setup and support (not much work)
>  * planet.sl.o needs a new skin
>  * mailing lists (including moving them away from solarsail)
>  * aslo (some php development needed)
>  * New F-13 VM for the build farm
>  * New F-13 VM for a blog aggregator maintained by sdz

>  * New Lucid template VM

This is done.

>  * New Lucid VM for Jabber

This is done, but nobody has installed Jabber so far.

We would also need:

 * A VM with schoolserver 0.6, which probably needs to be secured
   with a VPN or iptables rules allowing only known-good IPs to connect.

> I'm certainly forgetting a lot of things. We have team meetings every
> Tuesday, channel #treehouse on OFTC. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the
> next one due to traveling.

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