[Systems] Status of ASLO at RIT

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Feb 28 15:08:50 EST 2010

On Sat, 2010-02-27 at 20:49 -0600, David Farning wrote:
> Can can you fill in the specification of the three aslo servers for
> Steven? I think you know all of the design requirements.  Every thing
> is pretty standard.  The service itself will only need one public IP
> which 'floats' between squid primary and squid secondary. Rather than
> waste IP could we can the maintenance ips ipv6? Dogi has purchased or
> will purchase device to remote power cycle the machines.
> I don't think we will need to worry about backing up the machines.  I
> have automated every thing so that it will be easier to configure a
> new machine via puppet than restore a backup.  The only state we need
> to worry about are the database and the nfsfile system which will
> exist on at least 2 machines in the cluster and will get backed up
> separately.

I think you guys know better than me, but I'll try to summarize here:

 * rack space and power for 3 x 1U servers.

 * 4 public IP addresses

 * If possible. global IPv6 addresses should be routed as well
   (otherwise we'll use 6to4)

 * Isolated gigabit LAN to interconnect the machines.
   (this could be done with port management in the switch or
   with a small dedicated switch).

 * Contacts of on-site sysadmins who could assist us in case of
   emergencies (best-effort, no obligation).

 * Provide physical access to Sugar Labs sysadmins for initial
   setup and future maintenance. The initial setup will be carried
   on by Stefan "dogi" Unterhauser.

 * Bandwidth usage is projected to peak at 15-20Mbit/s during
   morning hours (GMT+3).

 * We don't need space for backups as these servers won't store
   valuable data and are easy to reconstruct from scratch

If RIT agrees to host it, at a later time we might add one more 1U or 2U
server running our primary websites: wiki.sugarlabs.org,
planet.sugarlabs.org, lists.sugarlabs.org and others. It's expected to
use less bandwidth than ASLO, though.


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